Golf clothes used to be reserved for the golf course. You would very rarely (excluding golf outings and Halloween) see people wearing golf clothes off the golf course. And that’s largely because, as people love to joke about, golf clothes of yesteryear would make you look absolutely ridiculous if you wore it anywhere else.  Just ask this guy:

Fortunately, things have changed and golf apparel companies are trying to modernize so your favorite shirt, shorts and shoes can all be worn on and off the course.

Most recently taking a stab at this is adidas, who is combining sport and street culture to create some standout but versatile products with golfers in mind.

Collection Ø, a limited-edition capsule, is designed with the idea of pushing the envelope and testing the limits of what performance apparel can look like on the golf course. The limited collection features a crew sweatshirt, jacket, Jacquard polo, stripe polo, Dobby and woven shorts and Dobby pant in a variety of indigo, coral and grey.

Golfers today expect to find apparel that provides them with everything they would need on the course – stretch, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics, protection from the sun, etc. – but they also expect to find unique elements of style and versatility within those pieces. We wanted to give them that, so we looked to our DNA as a brand for inspiration and met with designers from other categories to get additional insights. The end result was this unique capsule that had the perfect blend of golf with sport and street culture.

While this certainly isn’t for everyone, this is a great effort by adidas to rally the younger generation of golfers who aren’t particularly interested in prolonging golf’s “stuck up” dress code stereotype.

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Ever since golf became a competitive outlet, nothing brings Eric more joy than a well struck 4 iron. And despite living in NYC, Eric makes it a priority to work on his game and fitness during the week, along with a round or two over the weekend. Fortunately, he’s got a very understanding fiancé who (for the time being) accepts him and his obsession. Follow Eric on IG @hozel_rocket.

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